Thoughts on Stewardship

So what is stewardship? Sadly, it’s often seen as a congregation’s program for raising money to support the congregation. But it’s so much more! The Greek word in the New Testament that is often translated by “stewardship” is koinonia, a word that speaks of fellowship and of a congregation’s life together.

Online Giving

While the majority of our members still regularly use offering envelopes​, there is a growing number who prefer to give online. This provides continuity of giving throughout the year and is especially useful if you are out of town regularly. Setting up the online process is easy to do. Simply go to our third-party vendor and follow the instructions. You can elect to donate one time, weekly, or monthly, and can specify the accounts that you would like direct your gifts to, including the endowment fund. There is small $.20 fee per transaction when giving from a bank account. Higher fees apply when using credit card, so please consider increasing your gift to cover those fees. Please contact Margo Ernst, our business administrator, with any questions.

Mission Offerings

St. Paul’s currently has five mission projects that it is supporting:

  • Outreach Kentucky (Indiana District mission project)
  • Siberian Lutheran Mission Society
  • Project Timothy (theological education in Kenya)
  • Burmese Ministry Support (in Fort Wayne)
  • Lutheran Heritage Foundation (worldwide mission)

Gifts toward these projects, which are divided equally, are received via the five “Mission Offering” envelopes in the envelope packet, which appear at the end of the months of February, April, June, August, and October. Giving toward these mission projects can also be done via online giving (see above).

St. Paul’s Permanent Endowment Fund

An endowment fund was established at St. Paul’s in 1973 to provide an ongoing source of funding for special capital needs. Over the years, various sub funds have been established that support other specific needs. Full details regarding the funds can be found here. Members are encouraged to contribute toward the fund and are encouraged to speak with one of the fund trustees before making any major gifts.