Calling on Visitors

Each Monday evening, members of St. Paul’s Evangelism board make calls on visitors to church the past weekend, personally thanking them for attending and inviting them to come again. If you are interested in attending, contact Claire Fickenscher.

East Central Neighborhood

When Madison Avenue​, the road that leads directly to the front door of the church, was closed off years ago, an unfortunate result was a physical barrier that separated us from our many neighbors in the East Central Neighborhood. In conjunction with our Helping Hands Initiative (see below), we have begun to reach out to members of this community. During the warmer months of the year, for example, we invite congregation members to spend a little time walking the streets following the second service to greet people and strike up conversations. Watch for announcements and join us sometime.

Helping Hands Initiative

In the summer of 2018 and 2019, St. Paul’s partnered with Laborers for Christ and other stakeholders to assist homeowners in the East Central Neighborhood in making improvements to their homes​. Over 20 homes have received upgrades thus far. Though Laborers for Christ no longer exists, we continue to explore ways of possibly continuing to serve our neighbors.